About The Never Settle Show

The first real-time talk show created for you and by you.

This is a full-scale, high-quality, talk-show production with a LIVE studio audience in New York City, and an interactive audience online. It’s your choice: you can sit back and watch, or you can participate directly by shaping the segments, as well as picking the guests, entertainment and topics. Your questions for guests will be asked live, in real-time, through social media and phone calls during our interviews. No other talk show does that.

A TV show should inspire you, not insult you.

Turn on the TV and all you find are uninspired and unintelligent shows. One after the next—there’s nothing new! When did controversy replace content? When did sensationalism become more important than substance?

We’re better than that.

We’re fed up.

And if you are too, together we’re going to change television.

What will this show do for you?

Simple: our show will help you never settle, to pursue your passions, dreams, and inspire you to think about what you want to do with your life. Our segments will give you life hacks and actionable takeaways that you can start using immediately. Our guests will be a mix of celebrities, experts, and real people who will share their own “never settle” stories as well as their keys to success. And we will shine a spotlight on great up-and-coming musicians, comedians, and artists who might not otherwise be seen or heard.

Our Partners


Al Roker’s livestreaming production company, Roker Media, will be co-producing the show. Roker Media creates compelling stories, commerce and branded-entertainment experiences native to live streaming platforms.


Entrepreneur is the primary distributor of the Never Settle Show, giving us the the opportunity to reach millions of viewers. Each week, the show will air live on Entrepreneur’s Facebook Page and their website, in addition to being carried as video-on-demand across their network on YouTube, Roku, AppleTV, and Amazon.


When we asked the social audience where they wanted to see the show filmed every week, they said they didn’t want it in a traditional talk show studio. Instead, we’re bringing the show to the incredible offices of Canary, a consumer tech company with a simple solution for complete security. Take a look at their website and see if their product is a fit for you. Mario has two of these in his home!

On Any Device
On Point

You’ve never seen this before—you will have unprecedented access to the Never Settle Show in real-time. You’ll be able to comment on the show live, ask your questions to our guests and be seen on the show’s set. We are using a ton of interactive social media apps to make it easy and fun for you to be involved:

  • Apple TV
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Roku
  • Periscope
  • YouTube Live
  • Instagram

About Mario

You’ve seen him on TV as an Emmy Award-winning talk show host and Digital Lifestyle Expert® or as a regular contributor on NBC’s TODAY show, CNN, NPR, Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey, and Rachael Ray. He also authors the monthly ‘Learn It’ column in Men’s Fitness magazine..

When he’s not playing host, contributor, and expert, he’s living a balanced life, playing husband and father, devouring sushi, collecting sneakers, meditating, and promoting positive living to people around the world.

As Founder of “NeverSettleClub™, Mario uses technology to inspire people to live their best life. With infectious energy, practical advice, boundless creativity, and a real-world (and amazingly supportive) approach, Mario has created what he calls “the best club in the universe.” And you know what? He just might be right.

But remember, this show is about so much more than Mario! The Never Settle Show is about helping real people to live their best lives. They’re the real stars. This is your chance to reach them like no other show ever has before.

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